Checking firmware version of NexCruise

Checking firmware version of NexCruise


The software that powers your NexCruise is called "Firmware", which gets updated from time-to-time via the so-called OTA (over-the-air) updates. OTA updates bring new features, enhancements, and bugfixes to your NexCruise.

The Version number is a simple number counting up from 1. It increments by one each time a new version arrives.

This article tells you how you can check the firmware version of your NexCruise.
When you run the following procedure, NexCruise also clears the user choices of Coast, Eco, DeepEco and speedlimit from its memory. You can use it to reset your choices if you're in doubt!

Steps to Check the firmware version

  1. Open the App
  2. Connect to NexCruise
  3. Go to Menu > About
  4. Note the tag and unique version hash

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