What are the error codes in NexCruise?

What are the error codes in NexCruise?


If NexCruise encounters an error, like a loose cable etc, it indicates the same on the light bar in a colour-coded fashion.

NexCruise is programmed to error in side of safety. That is, if in doubt, indicate an error. So, sometimes it might be too eager to indicate an error, but that's by design. This guide will help you eliminate all errors.

NexCruise error is always denoted by the STATE LED = red, and other LEDs glow in a pattern corresponding to the error encountered.
The remaining four LEDs always contain one of the following colours: White, Yellow, Green or blue. Here is a typical example:


When NexCruise encounters an error, the system will go in bypass mode and the first LED (state) will glow in RED colour.

In bypass mode, you can keep driving the car normally but NexCruise's functions cannot be engaged till the error is rectified.

Recovering from error

If you ever face this situation, it is ok to continue driving the car. Then, after you stop, and without turning off the car,
  1. Note the colors and look up the possible cause from the table below.
  2. After that, turn off the car, do the suggested remedy, and turn on the car again.
  3. If the suggested remedy below causes the error to get rectified, you're good to go!
  4. If the error still persists, call us on our support number.

List of errors

First column shows the LED pattern. STATE is always red, remaining four colours are indicated in the first column.

Light pattern
Error number
Possible reason
Primary CAN stale
OBD cable loose or faulty.
Secondary CAN stale
OBD cable loose or faulty.
Pedal delta error
Pedal cable is loose or faulty.
Pedal primary signal low error
Pedal cable is loose or faulty.
Pedal primary signal high error
Pedal cable is loose or faulty.
Pedal secondary signal low error
Pedal cable is loose or faulty.
Pedal secondary signal high error
Pedal cable is loose or faulty.

The following errors are hardware level problems
Critical error - wifi
Wifi hardware failure.
Critical error - bluetooth
Bluetooth hardware failure.
Critical error - pedal read
Pedal hardware failure.
1 to 15
System level critical errors
Other Hardware failure.
Incase of loose or faulty cable try reconnecting it, if the error still persists then replace the cable.
In case of critical error try reaching out to our core team.

For geeks: Reading the error number

(this is a fully optional section)

If you're a techie, and familiar with binary numbers, you'd love to know that the error colours actually display the error number in binary directly. It goes like this:
W = 00 (binary)
Y = 01 (binary)
G = 10 (binary)
B = 11 (binary)

The error number is simply the bits stringed together. Covert them to decimal, and you have your error number in the table above! 

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