What if you see Check Engine light on your Car

What if you see Check Engine light on your Car


Check engine light appears on your car's dashboard, and looks something like this:

A healthy vehicle is not expected to show this light. If this has appeared during/after your installation of NexCruise, follow these steps to fix it.


The VCU expects a certain signal on the Accelerator pedal input. Normally it is given directly by the sensor within the A-pedal. But during installation of NexCruise, when we disconnect the A-pedal, if the signal is missing for any reason, the VCU logs it as an error and the car shows the "Check Engine" light.

These are the flags that are normally raised : A-pedal undervoltage on pin 1, A-pedal undervoltage on pin 2.


Turn ON the car and see the engine RPM.

Is it above 1000RPM?

Yes? It is still not getting the needed A-pedal signal. See first fix in Rectifications list below.
No? This is good news. Proceed to check the next point.

When you press the A-pedal, is the car responding to that?

Yes? Is the RPM also below 1000? Things are okay, the engine light has come due to an earlier event (most likely you disconnected the A-pedal when the car was ON, read below for more information) but the reason is already rectified. The engine light will also disappear after a few start-stops of the car. You can continue driving the car, things are ok now, and the engine light will fix itself shortly.

No? It is still not getting the needed A-pedal signal. See first fix in Rectifications list below.


The VCU cable isn't securely connected

Did it "click" in place?
Verify it again. And connect the NexCruise bypass connector and see that the physical connectors are connected perfectly. It should respond properly with the bypass connector.
Refer here to see how to connect the bypass connector.
Once it works with the bypass connector, connect NexCruise again and see if this solved the problem.

The A-pedal cable was disconnected when the car was ON

Sometimes, we dont wait long enough for VCU to switch off internally before touching the A-pedal connection. This triggers the A-pedal flag. However if everything else is correct, although the errors will be logged, but its is harmless and check engine light will disappear in a short duration.
A failsafe but lengthy idea is, to always disconnect the car's -ve terminal of the battery before installing or removing the NexCruise. That will make sure you never trigger this particular reason.

The firmware in your NexCruise is of a different car

You can verify this from the NexCruise app. Go to Menu > About and see the car for which the NexCruise is configured. It must match the car in which it is installed. Call our customer support if there is a mismatch. 
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