When cruising with NexCruise, the actual speed varies by a few points from the set speed. Is this ok?

When cruising with NexCruise, the actual speed varies by a few points from the set speed. Is this ok?

Yes. It's the way the NexCruise is designed to work.

When cruise control is engaged, it is normal for NexCruise to vary the actual speed a few kmph around the setpoint.

You might notice it when the car is climbing a flyover. Or if there is a reasonable "gradient" in the road that you're driving on.
In these conditions, the device doesn't aim for holding the speed smack on setpoint. Instead, it keeps a "breathing margin", about 2-3 kmph around the setpoint.

Keeping the behaviour this way helps us keep the NexCruise a universal device, so it can be migrated to any other car too. And then, keeping it too stiff would make it go harder on fuel consumption, and feel less "organic". It would make the cruise resume speed more aggressive too.

In real world, it delivers you all the benefits of cruise control, ease of driving, huge savings on fuel!

If however, you find that your device is deviating too much from the set speed, (say, more than 5kmph), do get in touch with our tech team, and we will sort it out for you.
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