First drive with NexCruise!

First drive with NexCruise!

Prior to drive

When you are ready for the first drive, do the following in sequence. No shortcuts!
Before proceeding, ensure that the batteries are inserted in your NexCruise's wireless dial.
Do not crank the car immediately when you are starting the car with NexCruise installed for the very first time! Follow this guide.

Turn ON the car to ACC mode

Confirm that STATE glows in the right colour

Ensure that your NexCruise shows a single LED in the status bar, as per the following table:

Colour of STATE led
Suzuki Brezza
Ciaz, Swift, Ertiga
Nexon EV
Tigor EV

It should NOT be showing any error pattern, i.e. first LED=red and all other LEDs glowing in some form.
For more details on error patterns, read this article.

Confirm that there is no Check-Engine light on the Car's dashboard

The "Check Engine" light should not have appeared on the dashboard.
If isn't not there - Congratulations! Its going great!
If its there, follow this article.

Start the car's engine

Ensure that the STATE led changes to white, and stays white when you put the car in Drive/Gear and apply acceleration.
Also ensure that the engine responds to accelerator pedal input before you start moving.

During drive

Now, start driving your car with NexCruise installed, ensure that the STATE led on the Lightbar stays glowing in white colour when you start moving.

Ensure that it is driving normally

It should be driving like it did before you installed the NexCruise. No surprises. Drive it for a while till you're sure of this.

Engage Cruise at a slow speed

Once you've ensured the above, move to a relatively open road and press the centre cruise button. The green "Cruise" LED should glow on the lightbar and the car should start cruising at the current speed. Take your foot off the accelerator pedal and confirm that cruise is working.

Test dial driving, cruise resume etc and ensure that other functions are also working like intended.

After drive

Once you come to a stop, turn off-on your car a couple times again without taking special care of anything, and verify that the NexCruise works perfectly each time. Engine light should not appear, and car should drive perfectly fine.

If everything works, congratulations! Things seem perfectly alright, and your car is now officially powered by NexCruise! Go ahead and put that sticker on your car proudly proclaiming the same :)

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